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America’s leading paper for coloured pencils (22” x 15”, 250gsm)

Clearance Items - Various Art Papers - with savings of up-to 50% on selected papers

Stonehenge Paper

In here you will find a collection of end of line stock items that we are no longer stocking, where you can enjoy savings on the RRP and the more you buy the more you save but when it’s gone it’s gone.

Sennelier - La Carte

La Carte

Sennelier - Memoire de Pastel

Memoire de Pastel

Ersta 713E

Sennelier La Carte

A cork covered paper for soft pastel (50 x 65cm, 350gsm)

Sennelier Memoire de Pastel

Wonderful paper texture - for use with Soft pastel and coloured pencil (50 x 65cm, 220gsm)

Ersta 713E

At one time, America’s most popular sandpaper for artists. No longer in production, we have a few of these rare sheets left. Mainly for soft pastel &oil pastel, but can be used for coloured pencil. (70 x 55.5cm sheets, 240gsm)

Hermes P500

This sterate coated paper will take multiple layers of pastel without clogging. The finished work takes on the richness of an oil painting but with the luminosity of the pastel pigment.

Hermes P500 Back