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Jeremy Ford - Artwork for Sale

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Jeremy Ford Original Painting of New Inn, Priddy IMG10244_Cropped.jpg Back Jeremy Ford - Greeting Cards

Original Painting

Mounted Prints Landscapes

Jeremy Ford - Mounted Landscape Prints

Greeting Cards

For Jeremy, we have an original painting for sale, some mounted prints and plenty of greeting cards. If you click on one of the images below you will be taken to the relevant section. When selecting greeting cards you will be taken to Jeremy’s section on the greeting cards page so you will also be able to buy other greeting cards too, as you can enjoy great savings if you buy 5 or 10 cards.

FORD006_CountryLane.jpg FORD007_OpenGatewithFields.jpg FORD013_NorthYorkMoors.jpg FORD018_TajMahal.jpg FORD008_Poppiesetc.jpg FORD009_Irises.jpg FORD015_Michaelmas.jpg FORD011_Irises.jpg FORD012_Roses&FoxGloves.jpg
FORD016_ChristmasRoses.jpg FORD017_HopeRoses_Cloned.jpg FORD014_Berries.jpg

Jeremy Ford - Mounted Prints - Landscapes

Jeremy Ford - Mounted Prints - Flowers

Mounted Prints Flowers

Jeremy Ford - Mounted Flowers Prints

24 x 30cm

24 x 30cm

All prints are mounted with white core “Antique White” mount board and come wrapped in a cellophane wrapper with a backing board.

Please note we are awaiting stock for this new product line. Stock due in by end of January 2016