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Pastel Accessories

Colour Shaper - Pastel Blending Set Fisher 400 Instructional Booklet & DVD Fisher 400 Instructional Booklet & DVD Back

Colour Shaper - Pastel Blending Set -

Includes :-

Taper Point - Create delicate linear strokes. Use the side to create broader strokes.

Flat Chisel - Precise control when smudging and blending.

Fan Brush - Specially selected nylon bristles, with a soft responsive snap.

Blender Brush - A traditional soft pony hair brush, for dabbing, rolling and rubbing colour

The Fisher 400 Book and DVD set gives clear instruction on how to get the best from the Fisher 400 Paper including how to get the most from the superior pastel layering, blending and sgraffito. This book guides you on how to use different media including watercolour, acrylics and acrylic ink for tinting and background work as well as full mixed media work.  It also shows you how to use water on your pastels for the best effects and how to use the colour shapers to manipulate the pastels on the paper.

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